Monday, February 4, 2013

Sketchy Client Consultations

I've just discovered a great drawing app for the iPad that I'll be using for client consultations from now on. The app "Paper" by FiftyThree is basically a digital notebook for quickly sketching ideas, erasing mistakes, and emailing directly. The app's basic (and fully functional features) are free and the additional pencils / colours can be purchased.

Samples of features include:

Amazing sample works of art on the app:

You can have separate journals for different projects: 

I used the iPad along with a stylus (I bought from the Dollarama for $2)

Here are some sample floor plan concepts for my client's home that I was able to quickly/easily sketch out and email to myself to test out the app. The process was soooooooooo simple and fun that I got carried away and began sketching everything!

Hence my numerous samples: 

Clark Residence - Master Bedroom

Clark Residence -Ensuite Bathroom

Clark Residence - Living Room Built-In Storage

Clark Residence - Kitchen Pass-Through to Dining Room

*Note: these are VERY ROUGH sketches eek ... but very fun to do .

* My review : loveee love loveeeeee the app and want to explore the other pencil/colour features