Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[packing my bags]

Today is actually Thursday for me as this Friday Ry and I are bound to New York City for five days! We are headed to the big city to help celebrate a friend's 30th birthday (Shhh. It's a surprise) His girlfriend has organized a group of about fifty people to ring in his birthday celebrations at a downtown venue. Our last visit was around New Years and we got around to most "touristy" things on our list; including, scouting out the best pizza spot, strolling central park, hearing from a ground zero survivor (I was in tears), dancing on the life-sized piano, and of course avoiding frost bite. This time we have left the trip up to our gracious hosts and chance. We are flying Porter Airlines for the first time  and I’m very excited about it!

If we get a chance, I'd like to :

  • Have a picnic lunch in Central Park (blanket and all)
  • Visit ABC Carpet & Home / Fish Eddy's (just to look of course...)
  • Scope out celebrities at Starbucks in Tribeca (Jay-Z & Beyonce would do)
  • Head to Greenwich Village for a comedy show (scope out the future talent)
  • Test out some street vendors from the show Eat St. (Wasabi Ice Cream from the "Big Gay Ice cream Truck" anyone?)

NYC trip 2011

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Any other suggestions I should keep in mind for my "left up to chance, not planning a thing" vacation? haha

Since we are working through Winter Stories & Christmas specials here at Style at Home... I'll leave you will some snapshots from our Winter vacation to NYC. Let's be grateful it's still sunny and warm here and we don't have to worry about frost bite. xo









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Monday, August 8, 2011

[caught my eye - floorplans for food]

When I was young I was obsessed with floor plans in newspapers and magazines, often advertising development properties. To this day I still love them; I imagine myself in the space, walking around and of course decorating every inch of it! I stumbled across this awesome "Luxury Floor Plan" platter from Fishs Eddy in NYC.
On sale at Fishs Eddy $16.48
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

[figuring out the design industry]


This summer has been filled with many exciting opportunities and networking experiences within the Design industry. As many of you know, I am currently expanding my education in Interior Decorating at Humber College [with one more year remaining] and am trying to figure out my place within the industry.


[Crate & Barrel Tweetup 2011 via]

The start of the summer offered an opportunity to work along side  Jo Alcorn from Whitewash & Co, as her Design Assistant- through her personal business and for her new adventure within the design television world. [I’ll let her tell you more about that later] I learned so much during that time and met some incredible people in the process- and boy has it made watching televised design shows a bit different… The process involves a large production of people and inventive thinking! I am so thankful to Jo for taking me under her wing and expanding my experience!


My latest opportunity started last week with Style at Home Magazine as a Design Intern. The first day began on location at a residential kitchen & mudroom renovation, designed by Tamara Robbins Griffith [my new boss] & Samantha Pynn (Pure Design HGTV). The renovation will appear in the October 2011 issue [be sure to pick up your copy and check it out] We began by styling the spaces for photography and ensuring the props would appear well on camera. How’s that for a first day!? I had the opportunity to meet Samantha twice in the last two weeks and I can say she is exactly how she appears on her show- friendly, outgoing and of course, naturally beautiful! So far, I have learned about preparing design stories, the style news feature, scoping the perfect products, creative idea generation, and so much more!

I will be with Style at Home for six weeks and will be returning back to school in the fall. I am still trying to figure out my place in the industry and which direction I hope the head. Only time will tell… I also hope now I will have some more interesting blog posts to come, as I am constantly surrounded by the industry.

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