Thursday, March 24, 2011

[design bliss–for the love of felt]

I would like to attempt to create some regularity with the introduction of design bliss” – for the love of… and feature my favourite things every week.

This weeks pure design bliss comes from our woolly friends, who have so lovingly donated their eco-friendly products:

arrow fortheloveoffelt1

The trending of felt is such a great option to add interest, character and be mindful of the environment! – At the moment the most common use of felt is neutral and grey – a little colour could be fun ; )

Just check out the endless options:

Roxey Rug – Carpet from Crate & Barrel:

Each piece of laser-cut and compressed New Zealand wool felt is woven into the backing for stability. – 100% New Zealand Wool



Rosebud Felt Bowl – Accessory from Domestic Aesthetic:

This felt bowl is made from industrial felt to resemble the iconic rosebud.                                                               85% Factory-excess Wool & 15% Mixed Fibers




Woven Felt ChairLounger from Rozit Arditi

Laser cut birch plywood, bent laminated birch veneer, industrial felt, polyacrylic finish



Armchairs -

Gubi Chair

Bufa Chair

fortheloveoffelt9. fortheloveoffelt10.




The felt stones by Ronel Jordaan:



Rose Pillow by Z-Gallerie 




P.S [I found a

fabulous DIY

of this pillow

here ]


P.P.S – this pillow is current half price : ) on their site here

Table Runners & Blankets

Bloom Table Runner by Selina Rose Felt throw by Ronel Jordaan




Love it? Is it here to stay? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

[horror vacui]

What you ask? Well… being the curious student I am- I was reading definitions from my History of Furniture textbook and stumbled upon this interesting one.

Horror Vacui – I believe most of us have this fear [minus the ultra-minimalists reading]

horror vacui tag

Horror Vacui – Living Room Style

horrorvacui1 horrorvacui2



[Although these spaces are very beautiful – they lack a bit of colour & personality for me]

On the other end of the extreme- over decorating can cause another sort of anxiety.

horrorvacui3 horrorvacui4



 I’d like to avoid Horror Vacui & let some personality show without feeling crowded!

I always swoon over Sarah’s living rooms – I love a space that is liveable, relaxing, and brings interest without distraction:





Wouldn’t you agree it’s the perfect middle?

Do you suffer from Horror Vacui ? Or would you classify yourself as a minimalist?

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[lower bay station]

When I moved to the “BIG” city [Toronto] this past summer, I worked in Yorkville and took the subway in every morning to Bay station. On a few occasions I noticed security guards in front of the “mysterious door” off the subway platform. The second time around I realized they were filming some sort of movie in this “closet”. I forgot about it for a while and decided to get the inside scoop! [maybe not such a big secret but definitely of interest for those who don’t already know]

The infamous Lower Bay Station is an abandoned subway platform, used for only 6 months in 1966 – now home to movie sets, fabulous parties, wedding receptions [yep], ghost stories and a whole lot of curiosity.



One party in particular, was held by Absolut Vodka for 350 guests - the Lower Bay Station was transformed by Canadian artist Justin Broadbent to a spectacular space of art. [the full article here]

Just a snapshot of his fabulous work in an “Absolut World”:









So although this may not be new – Bay Station was my home this past summer and helped welcome me into the big city and I love it’s character.

Any other hidden character spots in this big city?

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[sharing space]

When you live in less than 700 sq ft. - Space comes at a premium! Moving from a full family house, or a ten bedroom “mansion” at university…

our loft is starting to feel small


[Just like this packed car after our trip to Costco in Hawaii for two weeks- we couldn’t see / move an inch. ]

I should say I have taken up more space than Ry and he has been very easy going about it all. We are settled here for a little while longer.Sharing a space properly is so important to maintain your relationship, whether it be with a friend or a partner. In my case, making the leap and moving in with my boyfriend last April (Almost one year whoo! ) has been the best decision!

 Some personal tips I find help to share a space successfully:

1) "Mind the little things - don't make a big fuss - just get over it."

  • There will never be a point when two people have the same ideas about how a space should be
  • Creating what I call "drama" regarding minor issues will damage your relationship and add Eau de Tension in the air- toxic for both.

2) "Find your space within the home to escape when it get’s "crowded"

  • Whether it's a man's cave or women's escape resort, having a place that is "all yours" is so important
  • Never impede on this "home away from home" have respect for however they like to organize the space (as long as you can close the door haha)


                     [via]                                                                                                                            [via]

3) “Simple gratitude goes a long way"

  • Whether tasks are "assigned" to a particular individual or not - showing appreciation for the completion of household chores is essential
  • Put simply: we are all human / no one enjoys household chores / we all enjoy recognition for our efforts

4) “Systems are key"

  • Just like an organization has systems, your home deserves the same respect
  • Everything needs to have a place, rules need to be set and duties need to be clear and fair
  • Taking turns is also a great way to even the household responsibilities



5) "Men will never remember where the melon baller goes"

  • Their brains are wired differently - they don't care what dish goes with what, where the doodah goes, colour coding etc.
  • On one hand, don't do it for them... but .. on the other, don't get aggravated when they ask you for the millionth time - they can't help it.



6) And last but not least - "Be aware of the elephant in the room"

  • Address issues like adults, remember your systems and be respectful of each other
  • Realize when someone is exhausted or having a bad day and treat them nicely- household surprises are always so appreciated like cooking a special dinner or cleaning the entire kitchen on their own .


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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

[humpback wednesday]

Along with everyone else out there- I am rushing spring along!

Ry’s parents just returned back from their trip to Puerto Vallarta and showed us some of their photos. They chartered a snorkelling boat out and had the surprise of a lifetime: followers of the grand variety- Beautiful Humpback Whales. These photos are fitting for “hump” day and will hopefully help get you through the rest of the week.

The Humpback Whales are at the end of mating season and are heading back with their new babies… Precious:

arrowHumpback Whale calf coming up for air with mum beside



arrowGracefully gliding in pairs



arrowThen one jumped up for a fabulous shot… kidding [but amazing! ]



Drift away to Puerto Vallarta today…







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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

[dabble mag launch]

I just read the new Dabble Mag from the ultra-fabulous Kimberley Seldon. Her newest project combines lifestyle topics [design, travel, food] with beautiful images and unique content to create 180 pages of pure design BLISS! Bonus- it’s complimentary.

If you haven’t read it yet- be sure to check out its brand new digital launch at and the first issue here.

dabblemag2 dabblemag1

These fabulous pages caught my eye:

arrowThe fun dabble team!



arrowDesigner Market product features



arrowUnique home tours & fabulous design shots



arrow“DIY Guy” feature



arrow“Make you jealous” travel features



arrowScrumptious tips, trick & recipes



Congratulations on the launch Kimberley! Wishing you all the best with your new adventure and can’t wait to see all the future issues.

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