Monday, February 28, 2011

[lilypad love]


I thought I’d share a photo from our trip to Hawaii during the holidays! Floating lily pads and goldfish always cheer me up! Here’s hoping the snow melts fast and spring hurries itself up! Happy Monday – I am already looking forward to the weekend…



Friday night we headed over to Yamato in Yorkville for dinner- it was fabulous! For a reasonable price we enjoyed two hours of “eatertainment” in front of a grill and indulged in a great meal- thanks to our chef Romeo! Hope everyone’s weekend was relaxing or entertaining at least.



I also bought myself a little treat for spring from Modcloth : ) for $21.99

The Dinner at 8 Dress – “The quiche is in the oven, the apartment has been thoroughly tidied, there are freshly cut flowers on the table, and pleasant, indistinct music is playing on the stereo. You just have one more task to complete before your guests arrive for dinner - getting dressed!” 

I just love the zippered back detail- Casual or fancy depending on shoe choice!

modclothdress1 modclothdress2

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

[loft sweet loft]


I have been hesitant to showcase our place; making up excuses that I should get a few things done before I do… well I realize that “to-do” list will always be there! Bear in mind: with our first place came lots of “family donations”, ikea trips, thrift store/side of road finds and whatever we could afford!

I am going to be brave and showcase our loft – one space at a time- 5 spaces. This will help me to focus in on the things I’d like to change, create a master to-do list, dream about quality furnishings and feel at ease with the whole process. Our loft is tight on space at just under 700 sq. ft and boy are we outgrowing it [we’re really thankful for a locker on the same floor]! I foolishly forgot to take before photos of the space (pre-furniture) but I do have the MLS photos I can compare to the previous tenants- who weren’t actually living in the space.

[the “living” space]
This space plays host to tv watching, relaxing, working and dining all at once. With an open concept space comes multi-function furniture pieces and a not-so-cohesive placement of furniture. We make do- which comes at a cost for my dear Ry who uses the coffee table as his home office [he doesn’t complain but dreams of a man-cave of his own some day soon].







11 DSC_0343



15 DSC_0345
The living space:
This wall has been measured and is ready for a finalized quote for a new brick wall feature in between the column and the wall edge before the window. At the Interior Design Show (and in part of my top 5 features post from the show) I learned about a company called Century Architexture and have figured it will cost us around $1000 for the brick and installation. We will wait and see.


A few units above us had it done (not sure which company it was done by) – doesn’t it look fabulous?
The living space:
The dining space:
The work space:
To- Do List [to make me feel better]
  • We need an Area Rug!!!!! This has been a serious battle- I found a gorgeous one on clearance ($350 from $750) at Crate and Barrel – I think I shocked Ry with the price and he shut down- we were not spending that money- until he realized how expensive a good rug is! So back to the drawing board.
  • Brick wall installation- in progress [a reality! very exciting]
  • A backing for the TV unit to hide all those hideous wires~! Any ideas?
  • Reupholster the white guest chair to a fun fabric!
  • Patch the gaping holes above the windows from the previous tenants hanging bookshelves.
  • I dream for new couches- I am very thankful for the ones we have but they were given to us from family and I would love a non-leather set [something that doesn't stick to you in the summer or too slippery for accent pillows
Other than that- the list could go on but we’ll live! I would love to hear any thoughts or ideas! I will be sharing each space with bravery haha.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[valentine’s / old stuff]

I have been seriously bogged down with school work hence the lack in posts- I cannot wait for freedom next week when we get to spend five days at the cottage! Considering Ryan’s parents are going away to Mexico for Family Day and my family can’t make it up to join us- I have invited my “second” family up to the cottage- my childhood best friend and her family are all coming up for a fabulous weekend~  : ) All nine of us!

Happy Valentine’s to anyone who agrees! & Read below for anyone who doesn’t:



Summary - How I spent my Valentines:

DSC_0249   DSC_0251   DSC_0288


At the cottage  / Baking the most delicious cookies /  Beautifully cooked meal courtesy of Chef Ryan


When were in town at the Cottage- I popped in the local “Antique” Store- more like Retro Home Outfitters- I did still manage to round up two finds:

One for the cottage bedroom:

All Cedar ship for $15.00


One for our home bedroom:

Old wooden “you know the deal” crate $20.00





I also WON something finally haha- I won  the fabulous “I *Heart* You” print from Brittany at My Daily Randomness from her print line Pink Peacock Paperie. Perfect V-day gift to myself.



I can’t wait to add it to our gallery wall we are planning for the wall! Thanks Britt!

I feel almost sane with the amount of work remaining but I should be back in tip-top shape next week!

Have a fabulous week!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

[blackboard d.i.y]

I thought I would share one of my recent DIY’s that I still can’t get over how much I love!

Shortly after we moved in we headed up to the cottage and I begged my boyfriend to go garage sailing- he was not so into it- but luckily we did.

I think I have eagle eyes when it comes to potential products! Against a tree sat a beautiful gold antique wooden frame with no backing, no photo, no price? Ugh- one part I’m not too keen on is bargaining- but hey for $5.00 I didn’t even bargain, I paid and moved quickly back to the car like the Ikea commercials. This frame is huge!

[sneak peek]

designblissinc (3)

With the $5.00 frame in hand I headed to the hardware store:

-Thin smooth wood [cut to the exact size of the frame] I used mahogany plywood $8.00

-Chalkboard paint [spray can is probably best for the smoothest look] $7.00

-Chalk $1.00

Total Cost:                         $21.00

*I wouldn’t bother with magnetic paint- I did like ten million coats and it would barely hold paper!

Beautiful ornate frame           +          Thin smooth plywood          +          Chalkboard Paint

 designblissinc (9)              designblissinc(10)                       designblissinc(11)  

                               [via]                                                               [via]                                                                       [via]

 The result:



          designblissinc (5)designblissinc (6)          designblissinc (7)


I wrote one of my favourite lyrics <3 of course as my to-do list is not so pretty.

Hope today is fabulous for everyone!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[spicy pizze]

This recipe comes inspired by my favourite Italian restaurant in Toronto- Terroni’s! Everytime I order pizza there I get the same one- The Don Corrado- a white pizza with thinly sliced potatoes, olive oil, rosemary and spicy sausage.

I have made my own version of this pizza several times [it is well tested]:


<3 Staring with pizza dough I knead it and let stand for some time to rise [about half an hour] & then stretch it over a pizza tray or stone]


<3 Gather these ingredients:

-Thinly sliced potatoes [enough to cover pizza- about half a potato]

-Basil Pesto Garlic Pasta Sauce [I recommend Classico brand]

-Hot Italian sausage [remove from casings & cook 3/4 of the way through- one pack makes enough for two pizzas]

-Mozzarella cheese [shredded]








<3 Start by spreading the basil pesto sauce evenly over the bottom of the pizza [covering most white spots]

<3 Layer the thin slices of potato next, followed by the Italian Sausage & then mozzarella cheese


<3 Bake at 350o until golden brown. Yum!



            1 pizza dough [split in half, kneaded and let stand to rise]

            1/2 a potato [thinly sliced]

            1/2 jar Basil Pesto Garlic Pasta Sauce [I recommend Classico brand]

            1/2 package Hot Italian sausage  [remove from casings & cook 3/4 of the way through]

            Mozzarella cheese [shredded- enough to cover]

Stretch the pizza dough over the tray or stone. Start by spreading the basil pesto sauce evenly over the bottom of the pizza [covering most white spots].Layer the thin slices of potato next, followed by the Italian sausage & then mozzarella cheese. Bake at 350o until golden brown.


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