Saturday, January 29, 2011

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Or the Interior Design Show as they officially call it haha! Wow what a great way to start off the year! I had such an amazing time at the show and I can’t wait to make an annual appearance. I just wanted to share my top five personal highlights of the show! I also had a chance to visit the come up to my room event which I will be sharing shortly!


Highlight # 1)

Meeting the lovely Tommy Smythe & Sarah Richardson… Need I say more… I love their influential and refreshing designs and of course Sarah & Theo’s amazing Sibling Rivalry room! My personal taste led me to vote the R & R room as the best in show!



What kind and patient people to welcome photographs and conversation! Thank you for making my year! The R & R Sibling Rivalry suite featured amazing colour combinations, local art, and antique accessories! I thought theirs had the best layout and really felt like a unified space. I knew I would love this one the best anyhow - who am I kidding.




The space featured a dining room, living room, office, and bedroom! Again, I can’t stress enough how great the colour combinations were – each paired with white beautifully.




Highlight # 2) Wood; recycled, refinished, reclaimed, rustic, re-whatever! It was there!


1) HOLTZ Furniture – Specializing in organic furniture art – this company is sure to maintain the true nature of wood! All pieces are also available to your custom needs at

2) ALX - The sheer beauty of raw wood, innovative design and industrial finishes are brought together for dramatic results- ALX have beautiful products from benches and entertainment units to custom sliding barn doors! Their website will be launching February 3, 2011- so stay tuned and be sure to visit to view their amazing work. Custom products are also available.

3) CABINETThis fabulous piece is part of The Historic Collection – reclaimed from Whisky barrel racks and in limited production! If I had $1975 – this would be a cherished piece in my loft! Visit their website at for a look at all the rest!

Highlight # 3)

The IKEA Booth! Of course this booth really stole the show and I shouldn’t have been surprised!IKEA has really stepped up its game and of course I love their prices! The dark finishes & accents were paired wonderfully with warm browns and soft pink lighting! It was a delight



Highlight # 4)

DSC_0135The Dinner by Design booth in support of the Casey House – It is really incredible that designers came together to each design the iconic chair to be auctioned off at the Vitra Panton Chair Auction! 20 designers & architects  came together – each with their unique flair – proceeds were donated to the Casey House, Toronto’s HIV/AIDS specialty hospital. Visit to make a donation today!




Highlight # 5)

IDS11-14I finally found a Canadian company that produces faux “authentic brick” in two different styles. Let me tell you – We had such difficulty finding this product a few months back – Our industrial loft is in serious need of some added character. Century Architexture has come to the rescue! Their product is made from thin pre-engineered brick wall panels and is very convincing. It is currently sold in two collections (The Century Collection & The Distillery Collection) and in four varieties each. I am in love with the Century Red variety from the Century Collection Definitely check out their collection and website for their portfolio, pricing, benefits and more at !



IDS11-04IDS11-06 IDS11-05


Thank you IDS and all the great exhibitor’s for making one amazing show! All my girlfriends and I had an amazing time and will be back every year! Cheers!


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Thursday, January 27, 2011

[ pre- IDS]

Twas the night before trade day at the Interior Design Show! All the designers were a stirring! I am so excited to absorb everything tomorrow morning!

I came across a Humber Grad from the Industrial Design program who has hit it big! I feel proud to be from Humber at the moment! Anyhow- her furniture line will be a big feature at the Interior Design Show and I can’t wait for one specific piece.. that brings concrete and cabinetry together!

Jean Willoughby is her name!

Jean Willoughby's work ( will appear in the IDS?s Studio North exhibition, which shines a spotlight on Canadian studios from coast to coast.


My obsession with industrial pieces has led me to fall in love with this piece! Concrete meets reclaimed wood? umm yes please! It would fit right in with our industrial loft and polished concrete floors. Let’s get up close and personal with this beauty…



There are many more “beautys” if you’re curious – I found through her website: – Just a sneak peak – I can’t wait to see her furniture and of course all the rest the IDS has to offer! Can’t wait to meet everyone at the show too!

IDS 11


Sunday, January 23, 2011

[design love]

When asked to determine five physical things I love about design… I had a very hard time narrowing my responses. In short, these five choices make the list (in no particular order).

1) Industrial Lofts

Not only do I love living in my own Industrial Loft, but I am fascinated with the concept. Rustic industrial site turned fabulous residential space!

Key Contributors:

    • Exposed brick
    • Exposed ceiling beams and pipes
    • Refinished flooring or polished concrete

Industrial Lofts[16]

2) Architectural Detail

Key Contributors:

    • Character
    • Reference to Era
    • Story behind craftsmanship

Architectural Detail[4]

3) Reclaimed Furniture

Key Contributors:

    • Recycled materials
    • Unique features
    • The concept of making furniture from reclaimed wood, telephone polls, wine corks, industrial remnants and endless possibilities.


4) High Ceilings

Key Contributors:

    • Open Space
    • Drama
    • Interest


5) Innovative Design

Key Contributors:

    • Self explanatory



This list serves as my personal influence in design and I hope to inspire others to create their own list of design loves~!



[the blog]

All I can say is finally! I have so admired all the fabulous blogs within the design world. I have finally got around to the beginning of sharing my stories and design inspiration.

Let’s just say I’m a “twenty-something” design student finding my way in the big city [Toronto].

After obtaining my BComm from McMaster University – or realistically during the entire span of my University career – I had a scary thought: I’m not ready for the working world because I have no idea where I want my career to head. After a long thought process and much deliberation – I realized I must follow my life long passion… Interior De…

Another roadblock… What title was right for me? Interior Design or Interior Decorating? Long story short (and another post) – I am now in my second term of Interior Decorating at Humber College. I made all the right decisions in getting here and I am loving every moment of this school. The best part – I finally see myself being happy in my career choice


– wherever it takes me.

I have also made a major decision in my life this past year- My boyfriend Ryan and I have bought our first place- an Industrial Loft.

It’s official: I love this city, I love my boyfriend and most relevant to this blog- I love decorating!

I leave you with one of my favourite quotes -

“I am unwritten, can't read my mind, I'm undefined... I'm just beginning, the pen's in my hand, ending unplanned...The rest is still unwritten.” – Natasha Bedingfield